Upholstery Steam Cleaning services in Ballarat

Decorations such as sofas, chairs, recliners and other furniture are the most important part of your home furnishings and lifestyle, and also your life. The excellence of your home and office requires regular cleaning to maintain beauty and life.

How can we clean your upholstery?

We clean all kinds of upholstery in Ballarat Upholstery cleaning. We use either upholstery steam cleaning or dry cleaning method. Our cleaners are specially trained in upholstery (including special fabrics) in fabrics, linen, velvet, intoxicants, Berber, brocades, polyester and polycotton combinations without causing any damage or pigmentation. Are used.

Before proceeding with the cleaning, our qualified cleaners inspect the condition of your upholstery to avoid any stains, stains, tears and other visible damage on the furniture, and then for the best possible results. Use proper cleaning methods. We always use Australian-made non-toxic and environmentally friendly chemicals during the cleaning process that do no harm to children and pets.