Rug Steam Cleaning Ballarat 

Rugs not only add warmth and color to a room, but they are also used regularly by children, pets and other family members. Regular cleaning will help you look and feel your carpet. Regular cleaning of the bay will also help keep dust particles and allergens in the bay.
Ballarat Carpet & Tiles Cleaning can come to you and clean the onsite, as we can clean our carpets in your own home or office. To clean your carpet, we use the same cleaning methods as described for cleaning our carpets. Beautiful floor coverings can quickly change the look of any room. It is important to keep an eye on them, so make sure you clean them professionally on a regular basis.

Rug Cleaning Process

Before embarking on the cleaning process, we perform a Die Festance test to determine if the carpet is suitable for on-site cleaning. Most commercially made carpets are suitable for steam cleaning because they are usually made in the same way as your carpet. A great idea to save time and money is helping to clean rugs and carpets at the same time. Off-site carpet washes are a great service, but they also cost a lot more than site cleaning. If you are budget conscious, but still want great services and results, consider calling a professional carpet cleaner like Ballarat Carpet Cleaners.