Tile and grout cleaning services in Ballarat

Like carpets, your tiles and grout occasionally require professional cleaning. Overtime, dirt gets trapped below the surface which cannot be removed by regular mopping, so cleaning of tiles and grout with the help of professional cleaners is recommended.

At Ballarat Tiles Cleaning, our trained cleaners inspect your tiles and floors for the best floor treatment. After initial testing, we apply special cleaning solutions and powerful suction equipment to remove grout and grime from the grout and give your tiles a new shine. We always use the best Australian made cleaning solutions. Best 5 steps tile and grout cleaning process:

Our powerful and special 5 step cleaning process will restore your tile and eliminate any new condition. This process will remove these stubborn stains and years of soil safely, effectively and economically.

  • Pre-treat tile and grout
  • Electrical cleaning surfaces of tiles and grout
  • Turbo rinse
  • Drying speed / inspection
  • Grout protection system

Our tile and grout cleaners are specialized for the toughest jobs and are fully equipped with the latest equipment. We've got a special offer for business jobs, so pick up the phone you're waiting for and call us on 0415 814 480