Carpet Stain Removal Ballarat

We all love our dear friends, but we don't love the "accidents" they sometimes leave on the carpet! When you have pets, cat urine, dog urine, faeces, inverted carpet should be expected at one time or another. The trick is knowing what to do when you face these situations so that you can minimize the damage. So that your carpets are safe and healthy for the rest of the family.

Removing Pet Stains - Professional Carpet Cleaning Process

In most instant stain remover rugs, professional stains and odours can be professionally removed using a special surface treatment, steam cleaning and deodorising. If you see this happening, wipe the area with paper towels. You can use a wet / dry wiki to urinate. Then gently stain with a damp clean cloth, then remove most of the urine after a clean cloth or old towel. You will need a professional carpet cleaner to treat the urine to kill bacteria and remove odors. However, removing most of your urine will help prevent pet scars. This method is successful only if the pet stains do not reach the bottom line and the floor below. When left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path. When these crystals become moist, they give off a foul odor. This is why sometimes the carpet smells stronger after steam cleaning.